Bulletproof windshield with heating


Set of left and right glass

Fits 1992-2006 Hummer H1, M998, HMMWV, Humvee vehicles
Technical description of the bullet resistant glass:

Protection level – 2CR

Weapon type – Tokarev pistol

Cartridge type – 7,62 mm

 Bullet description:

Core type – steel

Weight – 5.5 g

Velocity – 415-455 m/s

Glass thickness – 16,5 mm

Areal density – 37 kg/m2

Transparency ˃80%



Bulletproof glass from Hummerglass company is certified for compliance with  the European standards DIN EN 1063 and VPAM-PM 207, the NATO standard STANAG 4569, the US standard NIJ 0101.04


The use of modern high-quality materials and advanced technologies allows creation of glass with exceptional bullet-proof properties


Our manufacturing process for bulletproof glass eliminates optical distortion and ensures maximum transparency

Our bulletproof glass is adapted to operate in severe environmental and weather conditions at temperatures ranging from -50° C up to + 70° C.


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